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Duo «Flame»

танец начинается ~2.10
Добавил comander comander 27 Марта 2013
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MaksZzn, 28 Марта 2013 , url
У девочки не одно сотрясение мозга должно было быть заработано во время тренировок )))
А вообще очень красиво.
Popeye, 29 Марта 2013 , url
я так понял парень самоучка?
comander, 29 Марта 2013 , url
наоброт duoflame.com/about/

Vladyslav Ivashkin was born in Kiev,Ukraine, 18th of July, 1988. His father is a professional wrestler, and his mother a professional gymnast. At the age of 7, Vladyslav was given to the gymnastic gym to the coach of his mother. There he learned all basic and principle skills of acrobatics techniques.At the age of 9 he took part at the first competition. After which he started train with a head coach of Ukraine. At the age of 13 he won the National Gold of Ukraine, and at the age of 14 took part at the first World Championship of Sport Acrobatic, on which he won a silver medal. Next 5 years he represented Ukraine in many international championships. At 18 he focused on Circus Performances and decided to try himself like an artist. He saw that can achieve a great success on Circus and Performers stage. Following years he has been performing around the world, took part in Monte Carlo Festival, and others prestigious stages of World.
comander, 29 Марта 2013 , url
At age 14 her mother took her to live in Spain. In few months Aiusha found a gymnastic gym where she met a wonderfull coach who became her best friend and help her to made a grate career in sport and took a Gold of Spain and another prestigious championships.

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