PandoraFM взывает о помощи - RIAA убьет online-radio!

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PandoraFM взывает о помощи - RIAA убьет online-radio!
Как было упомянуто здесь ранее RIAA серьезно изменила систему сбора авторских платежей с онлайн-радиостанций. И теперь Pandora всерьез обеспокоена о своем будущем и просит помощи.
We are striving very hard to build a business. We employ eleven full time people in our ad sales team, and despite very high licensing and streaming costs, believed that we could make it work over the next several years if internet advertising continues to grow. This ruling drives the licensing fees (fees that are NOT paid by terrestrial broadcasters) completely out of reach, and makes our goal impossible.

This is a terribly ill-conceived attempt to crush a powerful and positive grassroots movement that is sweeping across the music world. The record labels' struggles have nothing to do with online radio and killing it will further hurt their business, not help it.

We need your help. If you'd like to get involved please write your congressperson. Below is a link to point you to the right person. If you can, please send a letter or a fax that asks for a reply (emails are too easily ignored).
Добавил v_m_smith v_m_smith 27 Марта 2007
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